Friday, February 18, 2011


Dolls tossed aside for movie time... She looks a bit lonely, doesn't she?

Used Florabellas "Blush" action

Is Spring in the forecast?

We were so excited today that it actually broke 50 degrees! ALMOST all the snow is gone and it is just beautiful out. It's amazing how when you are a little child you forget from season to season what it was like to have summer. Then in the summer you can't remember winter. It was like a whole new world when Colby was playing outside for those brief minutes we were able...

Used Florabellas Urban Jane action.

My sweet valentine!

Template by Melissa Davis.

Orange Sweet Rolls...

to start the MONDAY off right... AND, you cant forget the steaming cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee!

QUITE the stocking stuffer...

I like my new iPhone, especially since I turned my old one into my "new" iPod! :D

Feeling Colorless?!

Even black and white, this collage template by Melissa Davis sure does look fresh and bright doesn't it!?

A family favorite...The cheeselog and ritz crackers.

Still needs some work, but it was a good start!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lunch of Choice...

My 5 year old daughter is SOOOO finicky about what she will eat. She would totally live off of Cheeseburgers, Macaroni, Quesodillas, and Pizza if I'd let her!

Looking for squirrels...

My little guy is fascinated with squirrels... We took a walk just to look for some little critters and we were happy to find a very playful squirrel that put on quite a show for Colby.

Christmas Treats to go

We sent little cookie boxes to our far away family this year. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved helping.

Holiday Baking

Absolutely FABULOUS Pumkin Chocolate Chip cookies new to me this year. They were a huge hit and they are great year round. Not just for holidays! The others are Russian Tea Cakes with Apricot  Preserves, Strawberry Preserves and Red Raspberry Preserves. Haystacks and Pretzel Rolo Turtles.

Winter is Here...

Big sister Little brother

6 months old

Jamie Rae Hats

Recent Modeling for Jamie Rae Hats


My two eldest at Christmas.

Just 10 days old...

She was so tiny and new. I was so jealous of all that hair! My babies are bald until they're two!