Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet sisters.

They've been coming since they were teeny. I love return clients!

Look who's two!

I've been taking her pictures since she was a little baby and it's been neat to see her grow and to still be taking her pictures is great!

Little Macklin

So little. So curious. So sweet.


Colby loves the little keyboard piano he got for Christmas. It has been a great toy for him. Entertaining. Durable. Colby tough!

Senior 2011

Just one more of his session that I loved.

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Miss M: modeling Olivia the pig skirt/tee/leggings

Find it at http://www.bellajoysboutique.com/

Babies and their mommies.

Does your nursery need a directory to show who belongs to who? Call for special rates.

Custom Invites/Announcements/Thankyous

Here's the revised invite we sent out when we decided to combine parties.

Miss L: Natural Beauty

She loved posing and had a sweet smile for every picture. Made my job so easy!

Look but don't touch!

Colby was fascinated by the food processor and the making of the cheese logs. Too bad he will never get to taste these wonderful appetizers.

Culver's Garden Center

Went with Maddie's Kindergarten class on a tour to Culver's and shot some colorful photos for this collage...

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Kiddos thought it was so cool to make their own juice this morning. They did a really good job and had lots of fun...

Charity Ruffles

Donating 10 complete outfits for the Hope for God's Children charity benefit auctions. Love these yummy ruffles!!

Sad reality

My little Colby has so many allergies and severe asthma that he is constantly on medication, steroids, breathing treatments/nebulizer, and inhaler. Praying he outgrows this stuff...

Look mom!! Can we keep it!?

so sad that hubby disturbed a nest of baby bunnies while weeding the ditch by our house. Little bunnies were running in all directions. So little and cute. A neighbor girl ended up keeping/caring for two of them.

The Ravioli Brothers

It was so fun to watch my two older brothers make homemade ravioli. It turned out beautiful and delicious!!

Love Jordyn, Love Life

Tutu Trot at a benefit to raist money for little 4 year old Jordyns family to help pay for her treatments for cancer.

Ming Ming

I know I already posted the collage of these images, but I just had to share that I printed this big for my wall. So sweet!

La Diva

Another school morning quick photoshoot just because she looked so darn cute in her zebra petti...

10 months today

My little Sawyer dude is on the move! Crawling around everywhere in a mad hurry. Watch out Colby! He's catching up... Your payback is coming!

Just a boy...

I was shooting my 8 month old and Jake was just hanging out in his jammies and I convinced him to let me snap a quick photo. I love the scraped knees and elbows and scruffy hair... Still love his piggy toes even though he thinks that's just silly!

Almost perfect!

Wish my oldest was in this picture. Not often I have everyone cooperating in the SAME photo!!

Why so serious?

This is what I often get when trying to photograph my 7 1/2 year old. I still love it. Take what I can get... Right?!

Sawyer: 8 months

Inright, outright, upright, downright, Happy all the time!!!!

For real!! Coundn't ask for a sweeter baby...

LOVE green

My little guy does too! He puts his boots on and no matter if he has pants or shirt he thinks he's good to go with boots on!!

Potter's Obsession

A date out with mommy to spend some girl-time. We went to Potters Obsession and then Applebees for lunch. Maddie and I had a great time!!


Beautiful natural sun-light streaming through the windows of one of our favorite restaurants we like to visit when we travel to Arkansas.

-Dixie Cafe

Sunday Morning Muffins

I love my IKEA tall muffin pans. These cream cheese cinnamon swirl muffins come out beautifully every time. The non-stick pan is REALLY non-stick!!

Sweet Nephew

Where has time gone? You were just running around in diapers and suddenly you are becoming a man! I love you Ryan! Stay true to yourself and keep God first in your life and everything else will fall into place.

Aunt Jo

Sweet treats for Valentines Day.(2011)

We had a ton of fun making these yummy chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

Black: Color Days at School

I think it suits her.

Kierra: sweet and a bit sassy

Sooooooooo easy to photograph. The camera LOVES her!

Way too big!

Just stop it already!! My little girl is quickly turning into a beautiful young lady...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Senior Rep.

Jon: Class of 2011
I couldn't pick just one!

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Beautiful Kylee

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Large Heart: <3

A little thank you note we sent out after Jake had a food drive for his birthday. Donated to Cedar Hills Community Church food pantry. I am a proud mama.

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Little Kolton: 3 weeks

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Sweet Girl...

Miss M: modeling Old McDonalds Farm Dress for www.BellaJoysBoutique.com

Go Hawkeyes!!

Mr. J: Another Iowa Fan

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Happy Birthday

I can't believe she is actually 6 years old!!!

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